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Just for Fun

David Gandy is the inspiration for Enrico Lucchesi, who appears in all the books in my Blood and Honor series. Enjoy this video that shows why he's been my inspiration.

Here's another video of David Gandy that shows why he inspired Enrico Lucchesi. 


This video reminds me of Enrico and Kate in REVENGE!


And here's another of David Gandy that's just for fun! (The video ends at 2:22; the rest is just credits.)

Couldn't resist putting up this awesome David Gandy video, set to one of my favorite songs!

Another great Gandy video--the combo of Gandy and Lana Del Rey kills!

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love Supernatural! Here's a fun video that shows why I love these guys!

And here's a video that shows why Dean Winchester is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Another fun Supernatural video: 

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